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The Kids Cooking Academy is offering cooking classes for all the gold coast primary school children.

The classes will not only be fun, they will provide students with an unforgettable educational experience. We are a mobile business which comes to your school or your home with all equipment and ingredients needed to conduct the classes.                          


Significant amounts of research confirm the benefits that cooking has on children.

Maggie La Barbera, the president and founder of Nourish Interactive, argues that cooking enables your child to develop a positive connection to all types of foods including fruits and vegetables. Cooking also provides practical experience and helps develop essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring. Cooking also contributes to the development of fine motor skills and even early concepts of maths and science. We here at the Kids Cooking Academy also intend to expose our students to different cultures and allow them to explore the world through cuisine.


Already schools are realising the importance of the relationship a child has to food and cooking, and how cooking can positively influence their lives well into their future. Schools across Queensland and throughout Australia are already building elements of cooking into their curriculum in recognition of this. Vegetable patches are appearing at a number of schools, with the children taking on the responsibility, and ownership of their patch.


In my experience, children love to cook and when given the chance to be involved they flourish.


Empower your children to make the right choices about food and their diets by offering them cooking classes at Kids Cooking Academy.